Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Lovely Roommates

Hello! Now, I want to share about my roommate to all of you. Firstly, let me tell about my college first. I stay at hostel which is name Mutiara. My room number is M114 at wing 1A. For this semester I got the same roommates like semester 2 last year. There is no senior in my room. I have 4 roommates included me and I am the eldest compared to them.

My first roommate is Nur Nabila Izzaty Bt Baktiar. She is my classmate too. She is 19-year-old girl and born on 21 October 1991. She is such kind and talkative person. What I can say, she is funny and always make me laugh. I like to hear about her story and sometimes her behavior makes me smile alone without I realize it. Hehe! 2 semesters with her make me know her well. She lives at Muar and have 4 siblings and she is the eldest, same like me. Her father works as a contractor while her mother as a housewife. She likes to eat Tom yam and her favorite drink is lychee juices. She likes to talk about her cousin and about money. Almost every single hour, she will tell me that she did not have money but the fact is not! She really cares about her finance. Huhu! Her target for this semester is to increase her weight and got an ideal type of body because she is too thin. “Good luck, Nab!” Her favorite movie for the last semester is Hindustan’s movie and she really admires Shah Rukh Khan in Don Movie. This semester she like Korean actor, Tae Kyung in ‘You are Beautiful movie’. Huhu! She is an intelligence person and got an excellent CGPA every semester. Last 2 past semesters she got 3.82 and 3.63 for semester 2. Since her in primary school, she got 5 A in UPSR, and then in secondary school, she got 8 A in PMR and 6 A in SPM. In UITM, she admires someone from 1st semester until now but that guy did not know that. I feel sorry to her because this semester, that guy already has someone else. What I can say to Nabila is, “Nab, it’s okay! You can find someone else which is better than him because you are such a kind person. Allah knows that.” =)

My second roommate is Arifah Bt Abdul Rahaman and we called her Ifa. She is 19 year-old-girl and born on 8 August 1991. She is a part 2 student in Diploma in Accounting (DIA). She such a naughty and active girl but she has a very understanding and caring heart. Even she like to bullying nabila and I almost every single of time, but it's okay! I know that its just a joke. Huhu! She always make us laugh with her stupid joke. Hehe! I feel comfortable with her because even she is younger than me, she really understand and always give advice and opinion when I have problem. We really suit together. "Love you so much, 'adik bilik'!"=) Two semester with her make me know many information about her family. She lived at Keramat, KL with her parents and 6 siblings. She is fourth. Her father work as a businessman whiles her mother as a housewife. Before this, she school at Sekolah Menengah Teknik Kelantan and got 4 A in SPM. She got 3.47 for her CGPA last semester. I feel sorry to hear but I believe that she can do better than this because she is very hardworking one. Almost every night, she will stay up to study. I am really impressed with her spirit. Her favorite food is sizzling yee mee and her favorite drink is orange juice. She has a very special boyfriend that looks like Irwansyah (the famous actor in Indonesia). Her guy lived at Kelantan and study at Polytechnic Shah Alam in Diploma in Engineering. I wish they will be the best couple forever. =)

My last roommate is Erma Zuhaira Bt Omar who has born on 24 April 1991. She is a part 2 student in DIA same like Ifa. She is such a kind and religious person. Sometime he looks like ‘Ustazah’ and always give us a good speech about Islamic! Huhu! She like green color and almost her clothes and her stuff are in green! She like to eat ‘nasi goreng pataya’ and tea o ice. She does not like spicy food ad really avoid ‘sambal’. Her father works as prawn supplier same like her mother. She has 3 siblings and she is the second from it. She lived at Johor Bahru with her luxurious house. Huhu! Her last school at Sekolah Menengah Teknik Pontian and got 4 A in SPM. She got 3.61 in her CGPA last semester. She has many secret admires in UITM but she just ignore them. I really admire her because she success to avoid all of that parasite and stay with her special boyfriend which she already known since form 4 an now study at UITM Terengganu in Diploma in Accounting Information. I always pray for the best for her.

That’s all about my lovely roommates. There are so many memories with them and i hope us always remembering each other forever. =)

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  1. Erma had special boyfriend since form 4 and studying at UiTM Terengganu at that time?? She never told me about that, or maybe you misheard her.. huhu... anyway, I am his friend and classmates since Darjah 2 Sekolah Rendah until form 4 and after that we took our own separate ways...