Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My appreciation toward you

Hello friends…!!! For this blog entry, I got a task that I can decide by myself. So, I decide to share to all of you, my precious memory in UiTM. In this blog entry, I want to give appreciation to my six (6) greatest friends in Uitm. They are Baizura (Zura), Amalina (Mon), Syakira (Eya), Nabila (Nabil), Misnahaini (Misz) and Isma (Cema).

I really happy to be friend with them… They are really supportive in what I do. In UiTM I have two (2) positions, which are the leader for Malay Debate Club and exco in Diploma in banking association (DIBA). I am so busy with my position, but what make me strong and confident is because they are really support me and help me when I in a trouble. For example, lately DIBA make a dinner for all the DIB students but we have many difficult problems that we should to face. Many part 6 students do not want to involve at that dinner and there are many test that make our dinner not reach until 220 person but my 6 greatest friends really support me and buy a ticket that cost RM 8 even though at that time, they are in financial problem and very busy with their assignment. Maybe all of you will think, it is just a simple thing but for me, I feel so glad. Other than that, there are so many things they do that make me really love them without they realize it..In this blog entry, I want to say to them, “I really love u, friends!!!” I hope we will stick together forever… Ahh, stop with that story.. It make me feel want to cry..huhuhu..
For your information, I have a funny thing that we (my 6 greatest friends and me) create. It was just for fun. As you can see in the picture above, it is about ‘OUR COMPLICATED FAMILY’ that we create together. Hehehe. Maybe it really complicated to all of you to understand. I will explain it.

Firstly, our family name is ‘SEMDIK’ which form of two words, ‘sempoi’ and ‘gedik’. Heehe.. Our family leader is Baizura. We decide her to be our family leader is because she is the fiercest person compared to us. Huhuhu. After that, Nabil is married with Nafiz who is Mon’s brother. That is because Nabil is really admired with Mon’s brother even though he does not know who she is. Haha! After that, she give birth to Eya..hahaha. Then, Mon is married Naim who is Misz’s brother. Mon is admired with him. Even though he knows who is Mon but it does not have any feeling toward she because for him Mon is just his sister’s friends. huhu. Mon give birth to Hafizul (Pjoe) who is my special boyfriends. So that, Eya and Pjoe is a cousin. Then, Pjoe is married with me who am Cema’s and Wan (Cema’s fiance) grandson. Then, as you can see at that picture above, we decide who my daughter is. After make a discussion, our decision is my daughter is Misz.. hehehe. But if you notice, Misz is sister-in-law to Mon but at the same time, she also Mon’s grandson. That is why we said this is our complicated family.. Hahaha!

For Baizura (Zura), Amalina (Mon), Syakira(Eya), Nabila (Nabil), Misnahaini (Misz) and Isma (Cema), maybe for you this ‘complicated family’ is just for fun but for me it is really meaningful because it shows that we are so close together. Furthermore, all of you really support me in what I do and my relationship with my boyfriends. I really happy to see, all of you make him as your friends too. Thanks, friends… =)

That’s all…Enjoy it!!!


  1. hahahha...yup! really complicated to understand but it is