Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Subject For This Semester

Hello everyone! I want to share about my subjects in this semester. Now, I am a part 3 student in UITM Segamat. For this 3rd semester, I feel it is a tough semester compared to those past 2 semester because we should take 7 subjects compared to those past 2 semester, we just take 6 subjects only. My tough subjects for this semester are ECO 211, CTU 241, BMD101, FIN 262, BEL 311, QMT 216 and the last one is my co-curriculum subject, Malay Debate.

Firstly, ECO 211 which stands for Macroeconomics and it hold 3 credit hours. Miss Nordiyana Bt Isahak is our lecturer in this subject. She is such a kind and friendly person. She like to smile and say something that make us laugh with her Kelantan's dialect. So, we did not feel so bored during the class. ECO 211 is related to ECO 162 that we take for the last semester. ECO 162 which stands for Microeconomics. So my impression for this subject is I feel it same like Microeconomics but we will study abut more large economics perspective than before. This subject need us to read and use a calculator. It partly about Mathematics! What I can say, “ Whatever it is, I have to do my best. 'Redah je!!” haha! It actually because I have a phobia with number. Well, this is because I got a bad result in Additional Mathematics in my SPM! Hehe! My target for this subject, I want to get A+ like ECO 162 (InsyaAllah). I will make it true because I like to know about our Malaysia economics and others.

My second subject is CTU 241 which stands for Fundamental of Islamic Economics which worth 2 credit hours. It conducted by our lecturer, Siti Aishah Bt Sokhibul fadil. She is happy go lucky and talkative person. She very friendly and always make us feel not too bored with this reading subject. She always tell us about her family because she really close with her family. She live at Kuala Lumpur and every week she will comeback to her hometown with her 10 siblings. So exciting right? I like to hear her story I like a big family because I have just 3 siblings only. Huhu. For me, this subject not considered as a tough subject but I will still do my best and I want to get A for this subject like my 2 past semester but what I really worried about is it's text book. It really thick and I don't know I can read it till the end or not because it make me bored. Hehe! But I will try my best to maintain my result in this subject.

BMD 101 stands for Mandarin and it hold 2 credit hours. Our lecturer for this subject is Mr. Lim Yoon Choong who we call Loushi Lim. He is such a funny and kind person. He like to smile and say ' Loushi sengaja' repeatedly. He teach us like a kindergarten students but we like him really much and understand what we learned even it is a first time we learn mandarin. We are so thankful to get this subject and get Loushi Lim as our lecturer. My impression for this subject is it a fun subject because I like to know more language. I feel so excited to know other race language regarding to our 'I Malaysia' that was launch by our Prime Minister, Dato Najib Tun Razak. I hope that I can speak fluently in Mandarin one day.

My next subject is FIN 262 which stands for fundamental Of Finance. This is a 'killer' subject for me because it worth 4 credit hour. Our lecturer for this subject is Madam Norsaliza. She look very elegance and friendly. I am happy to have her as my lecturer in his subject due to her personality and the way her teach us. All I can say about this subject is that it is a really tough subject and I target to get at least A-. So, I must to work hard in this subject. I do not really sure whether this is my favourite subject or not. Huhu! But regarding to my account subject before this, I got A for semester 1 and 2. So, I target to maintain my performance.

BEL 311 which stands for English For Academic Purposes is a compulsory subject for every part 1 to part 3 students and its a pre-requisite one. It hold 3 credit hours. Our same lecturer like when we in a part 2 teach us again for this semester. He is a Mr. Izuan and we really shock when we see him again. Huhu! He looks fierce and strict person but actually he have a nice heart and a great man. All I can say for this subject is I must to work hard and do my best because I just got B for last semester. I hope 1 day, I will able to speak fluently like my lecturer. I try to like this subject due to our world nowadays that force us to be a better learner in English.

Then, it all about a number! It is a QMT 262 which stands for Introduction To Statistic and it hold 3 credit hours. P. M Ruhana Zainuddin is our lecturer for this subject. She looks like a mother and talkative person. She like to tell us about religious talks in class. Sometimes, I feel like I am not in statistics class but in CTU class! Hehe! But all I can say, she is a kind lecturer and make us think and act in Islamic perspective in our daily life. My impression is I feel this is a quite tough subject and my target for this subject is to get A and to be a good muslimah and achieve Al-Falah.

Lastly, my co-curriculum subject is Malay Debate and it hold 1 credit hour only. I like to join this subject because I am a Malay debaters for UITM Segamat, Johor and I want to improve my communication skills. I really like this subject and I wish to get A in this subject.

To put in a nutshell, I wish I can do my best for this semester and get DL again. =)

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