Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 facts about me

Hello! My dearest friends, we meet again with my new entry, 10 Facts about me being a celebrity who is studying in UiTM Segamat, Johor right now. Haha.
My life being a celebrity is so busy and FAMOUS. There are too many of secret admire everywhere I go, people knows who I am. Isn’t cool?? Huh!! Now, I’m sure that all of you want to know what the 10 facts about me are. Let’s check it out!!
1) Weight:
I really care about my weight. Every day I will jog with amalina and play badminton to lose my weight. At the beginning of his semester, my weight is 51.6 kg but I felt so excited and happy because last week, when I went to ‘Penawar’ which is UITM’s clinic, my weight is decrease to 49.5 kg now. I felt so happy and I decided to keep it up with my exercise every day.

2) Subject that I really hate! :
I really have a fear towards number’s subject such as mathematics, statistics and finance. This is because I have a bad memory in that subject because I got a really horrible result in additional mathematics in my SPM.

3) Cry:
I someone who easy to cry even my friends said that my face look fierce sometimes. For example, when I watch a sad movie or hear a sad song even for second or third times, I still can cry. Other than that, when I saw a senior citizen still working, I feel very sad and my tears will easily falling because for me at that age, they deserve to just stay at home and let their children to take care of them. My dad always said that my behaviour is same like my mum. Another things, I does not really like cat but if I saw the poor cat, I will feel so sympathy and ask my dad to take care of them. And now, there are 6 cats and 3 rabbits at my house. My dad makes a beautiful big cage that seems like a traditional house for them. I really thanks for my mum and dad because they really understands me. =)

4) My fear:
I really hate frog damn much! My fear toward frog is since I am in 8 years old. At that time, I want to go to school and when I want to wear my shoes, I so shock when I saw the frog inside my shoes. Since that, I hate frog so much! When I in secondary school, I live at hostel and every night we have a tuition. Along the street to go to the class, we have to cross the field and there are so many frog there and every time I cross that field, I will run very fast and I start to cry. Last to week, I cry again because of frog again. Nabila and Amalina were bullying me! Nabila has a frog toy and they put it in front of me when I saw a movie. Huhu! Hmm, but its okay.

5) Award:
I am debaters of UITM Johor. I start to join this club when I enter Sri Wacana Cup and I presenting for DIBA when I am in part 1 and our team (eya, farah and me) got 2nd place in that completion and I got a best speakers title. After that, my carrier in this club is begins. I went to Arau Open Tournament in UITM Arau, Perlis and got best speakers title for a 3 times from 6 matches. After that, I went to UITM Perak for training and last semester I went to UITM Melaka for Vice Chancellor Cup. I love to debate and I will always to improve my communication skills for UITM Johor! =) That picture show our malay debate's team of UITM Johor whwn we had a luncheon with our ex-vice chancellor of UITM at Melaka..

6) Favourite! :
I really love spicy food and when I have a lunch, there must have ‘sambal’ in my food and my appetite will decrease if not! Hehe.

7) Pink! :
I love pink colour damn much! Almost all my stuff in that romantic colour. My room at home and hostel, I will decorate in hat colour and my roommates have to just follow. Hehe! But, it’s okay because they understand me. Thanks friends! =)

8) Late! :
I will wake up 15 minutes before the class start! For an example, if class at 10 am, will wake up at 9.45 am. Hehe! What a useless girl! =P I don’t know when this bad habit will change. Hmm, InsyaAllah someday… Hopefully! =P

9) Shopping! :
For me, I have an interesting habit. I like to shopping! If I go to somewhere with my friends or family, there should have something I buy. Even when I go to Segamat, I will bring something from there such as cloth, scarf or anything. If not, I will really regret and feel suicide!

10) I cannot wait to be a Mummy! :
I really love babies and I like to play with them, see their cute, innocent, sweet and chubby face. Honestly, I love to hear their laugh and cry. May be for some people, their cry make them feel tension but for me its make me feel how wonderful this world create! I can not wait to have a babies someday. As you can see at the picture right there, I hope I will give birth to cute and chubby babies like that. =)

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