Monday, March 8, 2010

really hate those things!!!

Hello!!! We meet again..Now, I will share about 10 things that I hate most! Actually, I’m not the one that easily hate with something… I always thing that all the things are cute and even someone do a bad things to me, I still think that it is akay..huh! so, when I got a duty to do this thing, I felt so hard to accomplish this assignment..!!huhuhu.. I will list least things to the most things that I really hate in my life..

I dislike to loafing at others person room…I just when to their room when there is a important and exciting things that I want to tell..hehe! Normally, mon,eya,zura and miss will come to my room (also nabil’s room)to loaf and I really like it…huhu!

Busy and smoker boyfriends just make me sick..! I am the one who easily touching with the one who I really love..if with my friends, I known as a person who not easily touching and get mad..but with my boyfriends, it is not!haha.. I want he to always beside me when I feel lonely and tension..i do not mean that he cannot live his life but I just want to feel appreciated..i also hate if my boyfriend is the smoker one…for me, smoker is a cruel person that did not think about the others person around them..furthermore, I easily to vomit if I smell, that is why I really hate smokers!!

I really feel uncomfortable with hot weather..Especially now, everyone knows that we are travelling in a hot weather… even in the night and I already take a bath, I still sweat..huh!! I hope I will past this March in a blink..huhuhu!

Messy things and place make me annoyed..!!! I will easily become bad mood when my stuff is messy especially when I in a rush..i will clear up all that things as soon as possible before it will make me angry with other person because I really love to built a good relationship with others..

5) FROG!!
I really extreme dislike frog..for me, frog is very ugly animal in the world. Maybe people will think that I really unkind when says this statement.. but I really did not have any bond with this things.. just because of this animal, I already cried because of scare for million times, I think…heheeh! Even with frog-toy, I scared too and my heart will beat crazily…huhu!

I hate to study..i feel like it is a burden to me when I start to open the book.. but in contradiction, I lov test..!!! I don’t know why..haahaha!! so weird right?? =P I just will start to study and try to understand my subject when the test is just around a corner…

It feel like it is a waste if wake up from my superb dream..hehe! I love to sleep all the time if there is no class at that time..but in a class, I known as the active person and talk much..huhu! maybe it is the energy stored while I’m sleeping..hahaha!

I hate people who front of me, he act just like a kind person and like the one who I can trust most..i am the one who easily love my friends, trust them and will really care about themmso, when they stab-me0back, I will feel so disappointed with that…

9) FAT!!
I hate to being fat because it make me feel unconfident.. but the problem is, I really love to eat every single hour…huhu! Hurm…I don’t know how to control my appetite…huh!!!

10) MR.A…
You must be wondering whose is MR.A…hurm…MR.A is use to be my best friends once upon a time..but right now, it is just memory…because MR.A has betrayed me and bad mouthing me and tell people not to be friends with me anymore..Luckily, my kind bestfriends (eya and misz) are not influence with his stupid word..!!!!! and I will never…never…ever forgive him for what he has done even if he apologizes to me..


  1. I'm totally agree with you!!!
    Don't ever trust someone that have betrayed you!!

  2. huhuhu...yup..after listening to you, i agree tha we must to hate him right,,??haha..tubuhkan 1 club bnci mr.A..wakaka