Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My first day in UiTM

Hello…we meet again.. for this blog entry, I want to share about my first day in UiTM. Before I got to study in Uitm, I study at GIATMARA. I thought, I will never got any IPTA to accept me as their students due to my moderate SPM result...huhu..So, when I got this offer, I feel very excited and I promise to myself to do the best!!

I need to register in UiTM Segamat is on 26th December 2008, Sunday. (Wow…it 2 years ago..but I feel like it just happen last week..huhu). It takes about 5 hours from my house in Kuala Selangor, Selangor to arrive early in the morning to Segamat because I must to register at 9 a.m... So, my dad has decided to go to my auntie’s house at Batu Pahat first at Friday. At that memorial day, we went to UiTM from my auntie’s home at 6 a.m..huhu..So early, right? I feel really excited in my way to UiTM Seagamat because actually I still do not believe that, I will become a university student. I always watch at the television about university students. They looks really happy, enjoy and intelligence in academic and co-curriculum. I feel so excited to feel what the ‘campus life’ is really about.

I got college Nilam as my college to stay and I need to register there. I really shocked when I meet my friend in the secondary school which is Ainul Nadia. She in BMD3D2 class now. I feel very happy seeing her because I have people that I know even though we are not so close when we are in secondary school. After make a registration, I went to my room which is in level two. Ainul Nadia’s room is just in front of my room. I am so glad to see her… Then, I met my roommate who is come from Segamat and Kuala Lumpur. They are part 2 students at that time. Their name is Ainur and Illy. They really friendly and we become a good roommate after that. And now, we still meet each other when we are free…

Oohhh.. This is the sad part to remember. I feel really sad when my family want to back and leave me alone to handle my life as university student. I cried and feel loke want to go home with them. Even though, I already have experience live in hostel when I in secondary school but I still feel sad to live far away from my family. After my family went home, I heard the announcement that tells the new student need to have the meeting. Then, I went to Ainul’s room and we decide to go there together.. Thanks, Ainul.. huhu.. We need to go to the mosque and that’s the first activity as the beginning of orientation that needs to attend by the new student in university. I will never forget about the orientation that I have attended and it will become the best memory in my life.=) I still remember the word ‘ 1 make a problem, all will got a punishment’ from our senior. We are so afraid at that time.. huhu.. We finished our meeting at the middle night and after that we get the permission to back to our room and get rest.

That’s all about my first day in UiTM. I will remember this precious memory until the end of my life. It will be the valuable experience for me that I can story to my son someday...=)

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