Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My unchange expectation...

Hello everyone! I want to share about second expectation towards my subjects in this semester...First expectation, I feel it all subject this semester is a tough semester compared to those past 2 semester because we should take 7 subjects compared to those past 2 semester, we just take 6 subjects only and now, I still think at that way..hehehe.. My unchanged expectation towards my tough subjects for this semester are ECO 211, CTU 241, BMD101, FIN 262, BEL 311, QMT 216 and the last one is my co-curriculum subject, Malay Debate.

Firstly, ECO 211 which stands for Macroeconomics and it hold 3 credit hours. I feel so bored during this subject classes because of some problem regarding our lecturer. Sorry to say this. Overall, I think this subject not so difficult to understand but it need our interest to study this subject. During this class, I did not understand what I study about. So, after class I need to study by my own. My first test in this subject is really make me disappointed. I got only 72% and I do not know yet, how about my second test. but I hope I can do my best in final examination.

My second subject is CTU 241 which stands for Fundamental of Islamic Economics which worth 2 credit hours. My perspective towards this subject is it just remain unchanged with my first expectation. It make me have to read a lot of word in a text book. But it still okay because our lecturer make our lecture more fun with enjoyable presentation and a lot of relax activities when we look like bored.

BMD 101 stands for Mandarin and it hold 2 credit hours. I really love this subject!! it was so fun and our lecturer, Laoshi Lim was very kind and make me comfortable with him. We always laugh and enjoy during this class because of our wrong pronunciation. Just imagine, we said a mandarin word so confident but actually it was really wrong and it meaning is change to bad meaning without we realize it..hehe.

My next subject is FIN 262 which stands for fundamental Of Finance. I still feel this is a 'killer' subject. There are so many formulae to remember and make me confuse. My result in a first test is 79% and it make me so sad because there are so many careless things that I do. I promise to be more careful in my final.

BEL 311 which stands for English For Academic Purposes is a compulsory subject for every part 1 to part 3 students and its a pre-requisite one. I think, this is quite difficult subject because i am not so good in English and for this semester there are so many format of essay that we must to remember. We also need to do term paper and my partner is Nabila. We choose title about 'Why men want sex and women need love'. I feel so happy because our lecturer said, our term paper make him know a lot of information. That precious word really worth with our effort. This is because, nabila and me do our best and willing to went to Malacca and find that book at MPH bookstore . Then, what make me so shocked is, our lecturer is not fierce as before. He was really kind and understanding. He help us a lot in order to improve our English. In addition, he was so cute!!!hehe. =) because he always saying Malay word and doing cute things without he realize it.

Then, it all about a number! It is a QMT 262 which stands for Introduction To Statistic and it hold 3 credit hours. Our lecturer really love to give us an Islamic talk. She was so kind and just like a mum to us. Sometimes, during class she bought some food for us such as bread, chocolate and biscuit. Actually i do not really understand this subject during lecture and I need to study by my own. My first test, i got 90% but it does not mean I can just relax because I want to maintain it in Final.

Lastly, my co-curriculum subject is Malay Debate and it hold 1 credit hour only. This is an enjoyable class and our lecturer, Miss Adila was very kind and make me feel so relax in her class even though we have so many assignment to complete.

To put in a nutshell, I wish I can do my best in final examination that is just around the corner and got DL again with good pointer... =)

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